You Can Encyrpt All Your Data – Blue Cross of Tennessee Did It

Sometimes I hear “we can’t encrypt our data” followed by, “it’s too expensive,” “it’s too hard,” its too ___.” Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee completed a $6million project (it’s not cheap) to encrypt all of its “at-rest” data. 5,000 man years, 885TB of data. It took over a year. They are now encrypting all data on 1,000 server drives, 6,000 workstation hard drives, 136,000 tape backup volumes, and 25,0000 daily voice-call recordings.

Bravo! It can be done.

Oh yeah, this project was a result of 57 hard drives being stolen. Do you want to wait until your data is stolen?


A Great Debate on the Limits of Privacy & Legislation to Restrict Data Use

In Vermont, unless a doctor consents, the state’s prescription confidentiality law now prohibits the distribution and use of prescriber-identifiable data for marketing purposes. This could change, depending on if the U.S. Supreme Court decides if this law is a violation of the First Amendment. Data-mining and pharmaceutical companies claim that the ban violates free speech rights.