For Absolute Internet Security – A Browser & Internet Boot Disk

There is a misconception in the public that you can visually detect malware on your PC because there are popups or strange things happening to their PC. It is true that some malware tries to sell you protection software and it will popup fake security warnings or the latest scam says that your “hard drive is failing.” Much of the most dangerous identity stealing or malware that gives bad guys access to your financial accounts is designed to be absolutely stealth. The bad guys do not want you to know there is a problem with your computer otherwise you might think there is something wrong and try to fix it. Not all malware is detectable by anti-virus tools.

So what is the absolutely must secure protection you can take? A boot CD or USB drive with an operating system, usually Linux ready to operate after a quick boot. When you want to securely access the Internet start one of these malware-free drives. Since they are read-only cookies cannot be stored so they enhance your privacy (of course you can still be tracked by IP address).

My favorite boot disk is from the U.S. military called “Lightweight Portable Security.” You can carry it with you on a USB flash drive. It installs quickly. Once running you can use Firefox to access your secure sites. It is free.



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