Backups, The 3-2-1 Rule

When I work with clients I ensure that not only do they protect their data from bad guys but also from natural disaster, fire, theft, lightning, hard drive failure, etc. After Hurricane Katrina I spoke with some AOL customers who were having a difficult time getting access to their money since their paperwork was destroyed by the flood. Backups including off-site are key. Use the 3-2-1 rule.

At least 3 copies of every essential file
At least 2 different media
At least 1 copy stored in a different location

My essential files are copied to my Windows Home Server (one of Microsoft’s best products that few people know about), to a weekly backup of the Server which is stored on a fireproof, waterproof hard drive, and to both Amazon & Rackspace’s online backup using Jungle Disk (the best desktop backup product around). I use both hard drive and cloud drive media (I guess technically the files are all stored on hard drives). My files are also off-site with Amazon and Cloudspace.

Regularly test your backups to make sure you can read them. Being a cybersecurity/privacy pro my off-site files are all encrypted using AES-256 and I am the only one with the key (OK, a trusted person else also has the key).


About infoguardianangel
The consumer and corporate information guardian angel. Cybersecurity and privacy advice for my clients (and anyone else who cares about protecting their data or their companies).

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